Joey Surles, CFII, MEI, ATP

Vice President of Sales and Management

As a child, Joey Surles spent summers at his grandfather’s aircraft service and flight school in Opa Locka, Florida.  He started flying at the age of 15, soloed on his 16th birthday, and was a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor by age 18.  Joey's ratings include Commercial pilot SEL & MEL, CFI, CFII, MEI, and ATP. He is also type rated in a Cessna Citation.

Joey has worked in the aviation industry as a Flight Instructor and Contract Pilot for more than 13 years.  He currently flies Corporate Piston and Turbine Aircraft.  Joey enjoys volunteering for the North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.  Most recently, he held the position of Chief Check Pilot, in which he was responsible for the safe operation of more than 12 aircraft and management of more than 100 pilots.  He has a passion for aviation and an enthusiasm for teaching.

As Elon Aviation's vice president of sales and management, Joey seeks to create the best brokering and aircraft management experience possible for our customers by, among other things, ensuring timely, dependable service, seeking the ideal aircraft for their needs and budget. 

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