John Moyers, CFII, MEI

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

John Moyers has had an illustrious aviation career since he began flying in 1976. In the past four decades, he earned his CFI, CFII, MEI, and ATP single- and multi-engine land ratings and became a Gold Seal Flight Instructor. He formed a flight school and began a Part 141 program at another school, and in 2004 was named the FAA Flight Instructor of the Year for the Southern Region. 

In addition, John was involved with the Civil Air Patrol for about 12 years, serving as the Burlington Squadron Commander before moving to Wing Staff as the Standards-Evaluation Officer. He also participated in counter-drug flights with the DEA and National Guard. John retired in 2016 after 27 years' service as fire captain for the Burlington, N.C., Fire Department. 

As Elon Aviation's assistant chief flight instructor, John is responsible for stage checks and helping to ensure Elon Aviation students are instructed to the highest standards. Additionally, he instructs students at various levels of training. 

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