Justin Barnes, CFI

Flight Instructor


Justin fell in love with flight in the third grade when a friend introduced him to a computer-based flight simulator. He spent years flying RC airplanes with cameras strapped to them to try to get as close as possible to the real thing — but it was never quite good enough. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, he decided that he couldn’t wait any longer to chase his dream and took his first flight — in a glider. He quickly earned his private, commercial, and then flight instructor ratings in gliders. He eventually realized that having an engine on the aircraft would be a great perk, especially for making trips, so he entered the world of airplanes and has loved every minute of it. From taking his first solo in a Bellanca Citabria, to flying a WWII-era Ryan Navion to the Outer Banks, to flying with his wife in a 1946 Piper Super Cruiser to Texas, Justin’s best adventures have been in an airplane.

When he’s not flying, Justin enjoys snow skiing, water skiing, cycling, and spending time with his wife.

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