Kathryn Roberts, CFII, MEI, ATP

Chief Flight Instructor

Kathryn Roberts recalls standing in a field at age four and being able to reach up and touch the wheels of her father's plane while he seeded the local farmer's field. Aviation was always part of her childhood and life, as her father was a former crop duster and Piedmont Airlines captain. However, Kathryn sought another form of horsepower, competing as an equestrian and managing horse barns. But a flight lesson during her senior year at Clemson University changed her career path forever. 

Kathryn earned her CFI, CFII, and Multi-Engine rating and went to work as a full-time flight instructor shortly after. Within the next two years, she became a Gold Seal Flight Instructor and earned her ATP rating. While instructing, Kathryn also flew pilot-in-command and second-in-command for a Part 135 operation. She soon was hired onto Continental Airlines, where she remained for four years before leaving to put children and family in priority. 

The lure of the skies was too much, and Kathryn reinstated her Gold Seal CFII and joined the Elon Aviation team. As Elon Aviation's chief flight instructor, she is responsible for stage checks and helping to ensure Elon Aviation students are instructed to the highest standards. 

Kathryn looks forward to introducing her husband and children to aviation. When she is not flying, Kathryn works with her husband as a Partner/Business Administrator for MHRoberts, PA, Design, Build and Maintain. She also enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and spending time with her family. 

CFI training NC