Kendall Stovall, CFI

Flight Instructor

Kendall Stovall was born into the commercial aviation world. Her parents and sister all work for Southwest Airlines, though not as pilots. Kendall was named after an unaccompanied minor on a Southwest flight for whom Kendall's father was a guardian to the gate.

Kendall was born and reared in Austin, Texas, but she moved to North Carolina to begin flight training, where she found her love for busy airports and tower communications. She returned to Texas for further training and further cemented her love for busy bravo airspaces and more communications because of the airspaces there.

Kendall returned to North Carolina to earn both her commercial single-engine and commercial multi-engine in just two weeks at Elon Aviation. After another trip back to Texas to build time flying around the South in a Bonanza, Kendall returned to Elon Aviation for her CFI training and ultimately to join our instructional team.

When she's not flying, Kendall enjoys reading, kayaking, and binging TV shows with her cat, Waffles.

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