Aircraft Sales and Management

Elon Aviation provides aircraft brokerage services for individuals wishing to buy or sell aircraft, as well as management services for aircraft owners. 

Among the specific management services we offer are:

  • Providing professional pilot service or the hiring and personnel management of a dedicated flight crew

  • Scheduling and coordinating maintenance and advocating for reasonable pricing

  • Arranging and securing aircraft insurance (Owner still pays for insurance.)

  • Financial reporting on a monthly basis

  • Trip scheduling with detailed trip sheets

  • Procuring hangar and storage solutions

For more information on our customized management services or to inquire about one of our aircraft for sale below, please contact us


EAA IMC Club-Burlington Chapter

Part of Elon Aviation's mission is to create community among our pilots. One way we're doing this is by sponsoring the EAA IMC Club-Burlington Chapter.

The EAA IMC Club is a one-of-a-kind organization offering organized "hangar flying" for pilots of all skill levels. Rooted in the belief that instrument flying safety and proficiency are developed through education and experience, the EAA IMC Club provides a rich network of resources both online and in its monthly chapter meetings. Each meeting engages members in actual scenarios pilots may experience and allows them to share and build their experience.

For more information on the EAA IMC Club-Burlington Chapter, contact Chad Hilty at

All pilots are welcome to attend EAA IMC Club meetings, typically held the last Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. Join us for an opportunity to build community with your fellow pilots and learn about issues important to your success as a pilot. You can earn FAA WINGS credit just for attending. 

EAA IMC Club Websites

Official EAA/IMC Club Website

Burlington Chapter Page