Trish Chriscoe, CFII, MEI

Check Instructor

Trish Chriscoe's curiosity of aviation came after college when she was working for United Airlines in Denver and became a crew scheduler of the full motion flight simulators. Once her interest in flying became known in the workplace, simulator maintenance personnel and pilots fed her intrigue by inviting her to sit in the simulators and see what it was like to fly from the front seat of an Airbus 320 and Boeing 737. She was surprised at their encouragement and eagerly took advantage of an invitation to attend the Airline Training Orientation Program for aspiring airline pilots before she had earned her private pilot certificate. 

After her first solo in Denver, she was committed to pursuing flying and moved to Sanford, Fla., to earn her CFI, CFII, and MEI, and worked as a ground school and flight instructor. She then instructed in Kansas for a summer before joining Chautauqua Airlines to fly the Embraer 145 regional jet and was based in Indianapolis and Greensboro. Her next step was to work for Shuttle America flying the Embraer 170 inter-island out of Honolulu, where she recalls the most breathtaking views of her aviation career. 

Her final move with Shuttle America took her into the congested airspace of NYC, flying out of La Guardia Airport. She continued with them, commuting from North Carolina to La Guardia until she and her husband were expecting their first child, flew until she was no longer physically able, and left to focus on her family.

After a few years on the ground, Trish was inspired once again to take flight after seeing her four-year-old daughter climb up and sit at the controls of a Cessna 172. She realized at that moment she had to return to aviation to share the joy and personal satisfaction of learning to fly with others.

As Elon Aviation's check instructor, Trish is responsible for stage checks and helping to ensure Elon Aviation students are instructed to the highest standards. Additionally, she instructs students at various levels of training. 

When not flying, Trish is passionate about mastering the Spanish language and enjoys martial arts, mountain biking and boating with her husband and two children.

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