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Clean, Well-Maintained Aircraft

Did you know Elon Aviation has eight planes for you to fly? Whether you want to train or become checked out to rent and fly our planes, you'll enjoy the clean, well-maintained, safe aircraft we provide.

Cessna lovers enjoy our C-152, C-172s, or Turbo 182, while Piper fans relish every moment in our Warrior, Archer, and Arrow. We even have a Beechcraft Duchess for all your multi-engine training needs. 

Want to meet these aircraft up close? Check them out here or contact us to give them an up-close look. 

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Our Most Recent Pilot

After an excellent IFR checkride in her Cherokee, Israa AlBadri has her sights set on the commercial certificate. Join us in congratulating Israa!

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Become a Pilot

Experience the freedom of flying and the satisfaction of receiving your pilot certificate here at Elon Aviation. Ready to begin? Our First Flight is the perfect place to start!